Happy Sewing Machine Day

Happy sewing machine day!  I absolutely love my sewing machine, which is a Husqvarna Sapphire 830.  I've had it for 4 years and it's still running beautifully.  At first I was intimidated by it being digital, but now I can't imagine going back to a basic model. I hate to admit this, but I haven't done any maintenance on it ever and no problems as of yet.  Knock on wood!  For the most part I always use top stitch needles.  I have found that they pierce the fabrics better causing less broken needles.  Plus I don't have to change my needle for actual top stitching which is a bonus. 
I encourage everyone to learn how to sew because it's a skill you will never forget and it will always come in handy.  The possibilities of what you could create are endless.  Craftsy offers an online sewing class which could be great for those that want to learn from the comfort of their home.  Sewing books are another great tool, often with many useful tips and short cuts.  Also be sure to check out Pinterest for great sewing tutorials and ideas.  You can follow my sewing board on Pinterest here, pinterest.com/SahndaMarie/sewing-diy/.  So happy sewing to everyone, beginner and experienced alike!

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