Summer Blues

I absolutely love this Essie nail polish watercolor painting by Bright Bold and Beautiful's Laura Trevey.  Who would have guessed that bottles of nail polish could be turned into a work of art!  I can feel summer prettiness just oozing from this.  You can visit Laura's Etsy shop to order your very own!
Now for a great tutorial by The Beauty Department.  I just picked up these nail polish colors the other day and cannot wait to try this technique!  To see the full instructions visit The Beauty Department and their Turquoise and Gold Stone tutorial.
I know this chevron dress has nothing to do with nails, but I felt it fit into this beautiful blues theme so well I couldn't resist.  You can find it online via the Modern Vintage Boutique.  Unfortunately it's selling out extremely fast everywhere on the web but if you google 'Mint Coral (orange) chevron maxi dress' you may find a shop that still has availability.  This is another one of my recent purchases that I'm patiently (impatiently) waiting to arrive in the mail.  I had to get it since it matches my brand logo colors so well.  I thought it would be perfect to wear to my next craft show!  Hope you enjoy these pretty little online finds!

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