Fall Dipped Apple Slices

Fall is here and it's time for making all the yummy treats! 

My youngest and I recently made these delicious chocolate dipped apple slices drizzled with caramel and white chocolate. They were very quick and easy to make. I found this recipe on Pinterest by Domestically Blissful. The original recipe provided some really good tips. Especially about not dipping the slices directly into the caramel. I still tried it and of course the caramel slid right off the apple slices.

The Candiquik chocolate was perfect for dipping because it comes in a microwavable tray and it adheres to the apple slices perfectly. I chose peanuts, oreo cookies, caramel, and white chocolate for the toppings.

Here my daughter is crushing the oreo cookies which was her favorite part. We also crushed the peanuts. Putting them inside ziploc bags makes it mess free and she gets to help! Win, win!

Apple slices cut into 1/4 inch slices. Use a knife to make a slit for the popsicle sticks. Then gently push the sticks in.

Next, dip them into the chocolate and place onto wax paper to harden. This happens quickly with the Candiquik.

Drizzle with some caramel and add your toppings. Then add some more caramel and white chocolate drizzle over the toppings. This helps to keep the toppings in place and who couldn't use more caramel anyways?!

Let sit for a little bit and then indulge yourself! And share if you'd like 😋 Enjoy!


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