Mudcloth Floral, My First Pattern Collection

A couple months ago I decided to begin my adventure into surface design. Since closing my baby shoe business I've been yearning for a creative outlet. As I pondered on what I enjoyed most about my shoe business, it became clear that what I loved the most was the creative process of choosing themes, fabrics, coordinating them and creating the presentation. What I disliked was the daily grind of running a business with physical products to deal with. I never set out to have a baby shoe business. It just kind of snowballed from making shoes for my baby and others wanting them too. The popularity came fast and furious on Instagram and before I knew it I had a full fledged thriving business on my hands. It simply got to be too overwhelming between raising three kids, homeschooling, and the daily grind. But I loved it, I loved the community, and I loved the connections I made through social media. Now I'm excited to be back in the creative community again with something new to offer and to hopefully work alongside some of the small businesses I've supported in the past and that supported me. At this moment I'm not moving ahead too quickly because I still have so much to learn about surface design, the business, and I want to give myself time to find my unique style. But for now I'll be offering my designs on Spoonflower and slowly adding them to Society6. So here is my first collection, Mudcloth Floral. It brings a combination of tropical florals, and flowing leaves mixed in with mudcloth elements. I hope you love them as much a I loved creating them!

Mudcloth Floral On White available on Spoonflower here:

Fabric Proofing Samples

My work space and sketchbook

Thank you for all your support and kindness!

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